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About us

The company has begun its activity in 1997 as limited liability company. The subject of its enterprise has been particularly timber and raw wood mass trade. Wood mass has been dispatched to national processors as well as to those from Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Poland.

In 2002, the limited liability company has been transformed into today's Slovak Forestry And Trade Company Inc. The initial number of the grounding members has been 11 share holders. The line of the company business is timber trade, with the same focus of activity as its predecessor's – wood mass sale to inland and export to outland. Due to calamities in 2004, the incorporated company also started to be engaged in timber harvesting, namely salvage felling and planned cutting. These have been carried out via harvester, tractor and cable crane technology. Main felling areas involved the state forests of TANAP (The Tatra National Park) and Czech Republic – EMA and KIRILL calamity. There have been six harvester nodes used by our company during the above mentioned works.

In 2011 we opened our sales storehouse of carpenter cut timber. The storehouse disposes of material of first and second quality class, thoroughly sawn and dried to required humidity of 8-12 %. Species stored are as follows: pine, spruce, larch, natural beech, steamed beech, oak, ash, alder, maple, black walnut. The entire assortment is 3 or 4 m long, exceptionally 5 m in case of softwood. The widths offered are 32 mm, 52 mm or 45 mm, according to demand. Timber is cut plain, therefore the width of each board is variable.